Why Cyclists in Bloomington Should Think About Towing Companies

Bloomington towing service; that’s what this blog is about today. We’re going to talk about why cyclists in Bloomington, Indiana should be mindful of tow truck companies and tow truck services.

Bloomington, which is a city of about 81,000 people in Monroe County in southern Idiana, is a delightful place for a cyclist. The city is small and intimate and filled with trees and parks and lots of green everywhere you look. And it’s also filled with beautiful bicycle trails.

There are trails that are connected to trails that are connected to a whole network of trails, which if you follow them long enough could take you just about anywhere in Indiana. So if you are a cyclist, you will be very happy to live in Bloomington.


You would be happy to live in Martinsville too, or Bedford, or Morsville, or Franklin, or anywhere in the Bloomington metropolitan area.

But Bloomington itself is the best of them all.

Most cyclists in Bloomington never think about towing companies—at least not when they’re out riding their bikes. Because what kind of bike rider would ever have a need for a tow truck? Isn’t that the question?

Well, Robyn Jamieson, one of the regular readers of this blog, last week gave us an answer to that question that we had never heard before. She said that cyclists should think of towing companies because if their bikes ever broke down, the towing companies would come and pick them up and take them to wherever they wanted to go.

It’s a new program that has been set up by a number of towing companies working together in concert, she said. They say that if you join their alliance, and pay a mere $12 a year ($1 per month), they will respond to your calls for distress anywhere within the city boundaries of Bloomington.

It is a very unusual program that has never been offered before.

If you have an interest in it, please fill out the contact sheet on this site and inform us of your interest. And we will send you a packet of information.